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Realizing that stories are powerful to all of us, we thought we would take a look back at some milestones in my life intertwined with investing in the markets. We can talk about historical returns but for some reason if we relate them to our own milestones the information becomes more meaningful.


For purposes of “the stock market,” we used historical S&P 500 (500 largest US stocks) data from Yale professor Robert Schiller through February 15, 2019. We believe in global diversification, but for this exercise the Schiller S&P 500 historical data was the most readily available. We also assumed that all dividends were reinvested. Lastly, we used a start date for the closest month surrounding the milestones in my life.


I was born in 1981 and will turn 38 this year. $5,000 invested in the market when I was born would have turned into $272,782. $10,000 invested would now be $545,564. $100,000 invested would be a whopping $5,455,638. You get the picture. Even though I know the history of the market, these numbers are mind blowing. I realize 38 years is a long time, but it makes me think how inspiring this could be to parents/grandparents to invest a small amount of money when their children/grandchildren are born. In the same way, it encourages those just starting their careers to save early even if it is a small amount. Looking at these numbers reminds us that “time in the market” versus trying to “time the market” is what really pays off. It is also important to point out there were some tough years of losing money to get to today. 

On the flip side, the market has been positive 31 out of the 38 years that I have been alive. That is approximately 82% of the time. This is meaningful considering the daily volatility and constant negative headline news we encounter.

Looking at other milestones in my life such as graduating from high school and college, getting married, and having our first child all paint the same picture. The time period is shorter and returns vary, but they are all interesting because they are dates that are meaningful to my life. Ironically, the shortest time period of investing has the highest annualized rate of return of 14%. This is because my first child was born in 2009 right after the financial crisis.


Another view of these numbers shows us that if I had invested $5,000 at each of the five different milestones from my birth to my first child being born, the total investment out of my pocket would have been $25,000. It would now be worth $342,784.


So, what does all this mean? I believe it shows that it pays to be optimistic. History does not tell us what the future holds, but it can be instructional nonetheless. If story can inspire someone to save, invest, or stay invested then it is no doubt powerful.



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