18. January 2022
The Road Ahead
Expectations and Insights for 2022
08. December 2021
Celebrating a Huge Goal
An important announcement from our firm!
07. October 2021
Volatility & Inflation
Looking at the facts amid volatility and higher inflation
07. July 2021
Higher Taxes & The Stock Market
Highlights of proposed tax increases and how higher taxes have impacted the stock market in the past
07. April 2021
Full Circle
Our Q1 2021 update: almost full circle on the economic recovery from the pandemic
06. January 2021
Q4: The Catalysts Ahead
The 3 main catalysts we expect to spur economic growth as we begin 2021
05. October 2020
A lookback at the 3rd quarter and how the economy continues to recover
10. August 2020
With historically low interest rates on 30 and 15-year mortgages, many should consider refinancing
20. July 2020
Dr. Howard Farran's recent interview with Colin Carr, CEO of CARR Healthcare Realty
06. July 2020
A lookback at the 2nd quarter and how the stock market rebounds before the economy recovers

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