18. June 2019
Our current favorite podcast for dentists: Only 3% of dentists in the US could retire at age 65 and not reduce their lifestyle. This podcast includes some of the best ways to change that statistic.
21. May 2019
4 legal documents you should have in place
14. March 2019
Realizing that stories are powerful to all of us, we thought we would take a look back at some milestones in my life intertwined with investing in the markets. We can talk about historical returns but for some reason if we relate them to our own milestones the information becomes more meaningful.
18. February 2019
How our human nature can get in the way of successful investing
10. December 2018
Our thoughts and perspective on the recent market volatility
04. December 2018
Investing wisely by focusing on what we can control
27. November 2018
Tripp's article in the November 2018 issue of Dental Economics making the case for Roth contributions during our current lower-tax environment
06. November 2018
A case study of a family’s savings associated with retirement, education, health, and charitable giving to show the value of coordinated financial planning surrounding taxes
28. September 2018
How we utilize technology to organize your finances
14. August 2018
Do you understand the risk/reward correlation with your investments? Do you find it easy to stick with a long-term approach?

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