07. April 2020
A lookback at the 1st quarter and our thoughts going forward
29. March 2020
Excellent steps from the US Chamber of Commerce for small business owners to take to obtain an emergency loan in the Paycheck Protection Program. Independent contractors included as well.
29. February 2020
Last week, the uncertainty surrounding the impact of the coronavirus struck the financial markets.
22. February 2020
The SECURE Act became effective January 1, 2020 and has implications for retirement accounts and estate planning.
18. December 2019
2019 has been a good year for most investors. There are still uncertainties. What are the risks?
31. October 2019
Does your 401k plan allow this advanced strategy?
23. September 2019
The fastest way for a dentist to pay off student loans is to own a good dental practice.
14. September 2019
A quick guide to the basics of life insurance and the estimated cost
06. August 2019
A great article from Aegis Dental Network about planning for retirement throughout your entire career
23. July 2019
How to align your values with your use of money

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