P2 Planning

[Practice + Personal]

We offer this program specifically for dental and medical practice owners where we help you with your practice and personal finances. We help you coordinate your team of professionals, whether you are already working with some or not.

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Each stage of your career has its own financial planning needs. Additionally, each professional has their own set of goals. Whether you are starting your own practice, working as an associate, or an established practice owner, we have specific planning strategies that meet your needs. You are not taught the principles of running a business in dental or medical school. In the same way, you are very busy focusing on providing the best care for your patients leaving little time to focus on your personal finances. Each advisor adds value to your team by offering unique perspectives. We want to lead, educate, and inspire you to use your career to reach your dreams.


We work as a personal CFO for you giving proactive advice and confidence surrounding your business and personal finances.

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